Leading the process of designing the chassis and suspension systems of the Mk.6 electric race car as the Head of Mechanical Suspension & Chassis.

Subteam Lead Responsibilities:
1. 3D Master sketch creation and space allocation for other mechanical subteams
2. Chassis design based on the master sketch, rules constraints, and strength analysis
3. Creation and division of subteam projects between members including regular check-ins

Personal Projects:
-Rear Suspension Geometry
-Rear Uprights
Rear Suspension Geometry
Used and modified an optimization script in MATLAB in order to determine the nodes for the rear suspension geometry. Manually added in push rod and shock geometry.

Desired Characteristics:
RCH - 4.5
Kingpin angle - 1.5
FVSA - 42.5
SVSA - 134.2
Mechanical trail - 0.25

Final Characteristics: 
RCH - 4.62
Kingpin angle - 6.09
FVSA - 42.46
SVSA - 147.25
Mechanical trail - 0.28

Added flat sections onto the suspension members themselves in order to make them easier to adjust lengths relative to rod ends in the future.
Rear Uprights
Designed the rear uprights based on the geometry determined for the rear suspension. Other requirements included being able to mount a wheel speed sensor, the brake calipers, and an attachment for a digital protractor to verify camber. 

Lightening was done to maximize ease of assembly. The biggest upgrade from Mk.5 was an easily removable shim for the upper clevis with a comb design that can be switched out without removing the entire upright.
Created machining drawings to send to the manufacturer for the rear knuckle including details for tolerancing.
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